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Moss family about 1948
Moss family about 1948
  18 Jan 2018
At least one living or private individual is linked to this item - Details withheld.
  22 Nov 2017
Florence May
Florence May
  20 Nov 2017
Haddon Hindley during World War I
Haddon Hindley during World War I
  20 Nov 2017


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Memorial Address at St Johns, Mead, Eastbourne
Memorial Address at St Johns, Mead, Eastbourne
given on 30 Oct 1907 by Rev F T Woods.

Note that the church was largely destroyed by fire bombs in World War II and presumably the stained glass window disappeared. 
  21 Nov 2017


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The Commonwealth cemetery in Jakarta
The Commonwealth cemetery in Jakarta
where Donald Sibthorpe is buried
See Jakarta War Cemetery 
     18 Jan 2018
Memorial to Donald Sibthorpe
Memorial to Donald Sibthorpe
     18 Jan 2018


 ID   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born/Christened   Location   Tree   Last Modified 
Malpass, C.J. 
   Moss genealogy 12 Feb 2018
Sizer, Vincent Foskett MBE 
b. 1887  Bromley by Bow, London  Moss genealogy 12 Feb 2018
Sizer, David V H 
b. 1921  Brentford, Middlesex  Moss genealogy 12 Feb 2018
Holden, Priscilla Isabel Amelia 
b. 16 Sep 1887  Bermondsey, London  Moss genealogy 12 Feb 2018
Earl, William Edward 
b. 1849   Moss genealogy 1 Feb 2018
Doyle, W. 
   Moss genealogy 1 Feb 2018
Sutherland, R.C. 
   Moss genealogy 1 Feb 2018
Gribbin, H.C. 
   Moss genealogy 1 Feb 2018
Sibthorpe, William Earl 
b. 14 Feb 1890  Tunbridge Wells, Kent  Moss genealogy 1 Feb 2018
(Symonds), S. 
   Moss genealogy 25 Jan 2018
Symonds, William Rowley 
   Moss genealogy 25 Jan 2018
Symonds, James Thomas 
b. 1827  Sidmouth, Devon  Moss genealogy 25 Jan 2018
Turner, Anna Maria 
b. Cal 1834  Exmouth, Devon  Moss genealogy 25 Jan 2018
Symonds, William 
b. Cal 1863  Exmouth, Devon  Moss genealogy 25 Jan 2018
Symonds, Lucy 
b. 1860  Exmouth, Devon  Moss genealogy 25 Jan 2018

 ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Mother's Name   Married   Tree   Last Modified 
 I1636  Vincent Foskett Sizer, MBE  I1762  Priscilla Isabel Amelia Holden  25 Oct 1913  Moss genealogy 12 Feb 2018
 I4386  W. Doyle  I487  R.C. Sutherland    Moss genealogy 1 Feb 2018
 I4384  William Rowley Symonds  I4385  S. (Symonds)    Moss genealogy 25 Jan 2018
 I2232  James Thomas Symonds  I3582  Anna Maria Turner  1857  Moss genealogy 25 Jan 2018
 I4376  James Godfrey  I4377  Anne Bastyan  20 Sep 1822  Moss genealogy 25 Jan 2018
 I2185  Daniel Godfrey  I2186  Mary Elizabeth (Godfrey)    Moss genealogy 25 Jan 2018
 I3853  Walter Douglas Godfrey  I4371  S.E. Tolmie    Moss genealogy 24 Jan 2018
 I4367  E. Jordan  I3860  Mary Winifred Akers    Moss genealogy 24 Jan 2018
 I4365  T. Whiteway  I4366  A. Coyde    Moss genealogy 23 Jan 2018
 I2203  Samuel Baker  I4354  A. Whiteway    Moss genealogy 23 Jan 2018
 I4364  Charles Watts        Moss genealogy 23 Jan 2018
 I4355  William Whiteway Baker  I4363  J. Watts    Moss genealogy 23 Jan 2018
 I1415  J. Fulls  I4360  N. (Fulls)    Moss genealogy 23 Jan 2018
 I4351  A.J. Gault  I4336  S.L. Bishop    Moss genealogy 23 Jan 2018
 I4350  Z.C. Barry  I4335  E.J. Bishop    Moss genealogy 23 Jan 2018

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