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Did Joseph Sibthorpe really come from Ware, Hertfordshire?

The family of Joseph Sibthorpe are carefully recorded in the Bible of the Particular Baptist church in Woburn, Bedfordshire with Eli born in 1804 to Ebenezer born in 1814 (but tantalizingly not Edwin born in 1818). However the only candidate for his birth is in Ware, 35 miles away in 1773. It seems a reasonable assumption but is far from certain though others have come to the same conclusion. Sarah was buried in the Anglican church, which tends to confirm that their Baptist roots were not very deep. But we'd like some other evidence.
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Where did William Moss come from?

William was born about 1814 but we have no clue to his parentage. Y-DNA evidence suggests that his father may have come from Northern Ireland. Given that he started a solid line of bricklayers, we might guess that his father was a "navvy" and came to London when the canal building bubble of the 1790s collapsed. This is strengthened by the fact that William's wife, Diana Catton, was "born on ship". This was before the height of colonialism, so a trip from Ireland or Scotland is entirely plausible. Is there any evidence?
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