Liverpool, Lancashire



City/Town : Latitude: 53.40837, Longitude: -2.99157


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andersson, Mabel  Cal 1850Liverpool, Lancashire P3953 Moss genealogy 
2 Andersson, Ulric John  Cal 1825Liverpool, Lancashire P3951 Moss genealogy 
3 Burns, Dorothy Margaret  24 May 1921Liverpool, Lancashire P3719 Moss genealogy 
4 Burns, Marion Esme  20 Jul 1924Liverpool, Lancashire P3716 Moss genealogy 
5 Chard, Albert H  Abt 1873Liverpool, Lancashire P3115 Moss genealogy 
6 Charters, Ellen  Cal 1863Liverpool, Lancashire P3742 Moss genealogy 
7 Charters, Lucy  8 May 1863Liverpool, Lancashire P1290 Moss genealogy 
8 Charters, Matthew  Cal 1859Liverpool, Lancashire P3740 Moss genealogy 
9 Charters, Sarah Jane  Cal 1861Liverpool, Lancashire P3741 Moss genealogy 
10 Cooke, Percy  20 Sep 1926Liverpool, Lancashire P1713 Moss genealogy 
11 Davies, Agnes  Cal 1851Liverpool, Lancashire P3728 Moss genealogy 
12 Davies, Ann  Cal 1845Liverpool, Lancashire P3725 Moss genealogy 
13 Davies, Edward  1821Liverpool, Lancashire P3733 Moss genealogy 
14 Davies, Elizabeth  1827Liverpool, Lancashire P3735 Moss genealogy 
15 Davies, Elizabeth  Cal 1850Liverpool, Lancashire P3727 Moss genealogy 
16 Davies, Florrie  22 Aug 1898Liverpool, Lancashire P3712 Moss genealogy 
17 Davies, Fred  5 Oct 1896Liverpool, Lancashire P3711 Moss genealogy 
18 Davies, John  18 Oct 1861Liverpool, Lancashire P1289 Moss genealogy 
19 Davies, John  30 Apr 1907Liverpool, Lancashire P3698 Moss genealogy 
20 Davies, Lily  26 Nov 1900Liverpool, Lancashire P3713 Moss genealogy 
21 Davies, Margaret Emily  7 Nov 1894Liverpool, Lancashire P3710 Moss genealogy 
22 Davies, Marion  9 Mar 1905Liverpool, Lancashire P3720 Moss genealogy 
23 Davies, Samuel  1826Liverpool, Lancashire P3734 Moss genealogy 
24 Davies, Samuel  Cal 1853Liverpool, Lancashire P3729 Moss genealogy 
25 Davies, Thomas  Cal 1859Liverpool, Lancashire P3730 Moss genealogy 
26 Davies, William  1823Liverpool, Lancashire P3723 Moss genealogy 
27 Davies, William John  Cal 1855Liverpool, Lancashire P3726 Moss genealogy 
28 Davies, William John  4 Aug 1892Liverpool, Lancashire P3709 Moss genealogy 
29 Dyer, Annie Gwendoline  16 Apr 1908Liverpool, Lancashire P1710 Moss genealogy 
30 Hindley, Elizabeth  1820Liverpool, Lancashire P3229 Moss genealogy 
31 Hindley, Hugh Johnson  1813Liverpool, Lancashire P592 Moss genealogy 
32 Hindley, Robert  1810Liverpool, Lancashire P3211 Moss genealogy 
33 Hindley, William  Abt 1813Liverpool, Lancashire P3208 Moss genealogy 
34 Pilcher, Jane  Abt 1838Liverpool, Lancashire P2959 Moss genealogy 
35 Ralli, Jeanne  10 Oct 1926Liverpool, Lancashire P2474 Moss genealogy 
36 Ralli, Miké  13 Jun 1871Liverpool, Lancashire P3293 Moss genealogy 
37 Ralli, Peter Constantine  6 Oct1924Liverpool, Lancashire P2468 Moss genealogy 
38 Scott, Caroline  1845Liverpool, Lancashire P573 Moss genealogy 
39 Scott, John Hubert  1846Liverpool, Lancashire P616 Moss genealogy 
40 Scott, Louisa  1843Liverpool, Lancashire P2535 Moss genealogy 
41 Semple, Robert G  1910Liverpool, Lancashire P3689 Moss genealogy 
42 Shaw, Reginald  1915Liverpool, Lancashire P3694 Moss genealogy 
43 Shone, Margaret M  Cal 1866Liverpool, Lancashire P3737 Moss genealogy 
44 Thomasson, Maria  Cal 1824Liverpool, Lancashire P3952 Moss genealogy 
45 Walker, Arthur Heselridge  8 Oct 1868Liverpool, Lancashire P2945 Moss genealogy 
46 Walker, Elizabeth T  Abt 1864Liverpool, Lancashire P2960 Moss genealogy 
47 Walker, Ernest W  Abt 1867Liverpool, Lancashire P2962 Moss genealogy 
48 Walker, Frank N  Abt 1870Liverpool, Lancashire P2963 Moss genealogy 
49 Walker, Henry H  Abt 1866Liverpool, Lancashire P2961 Moss genealogy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Andersson, Alice Charlotte  2 Nov 1847Liverpool, Lancashire P3102 Moss genealogy 
2 Andersson, Ulric Constantine  24 Sep 1851Liverpool, Lancashire P3103 Moss genealogy 
3 Hindley, Elizabeth  5 Sep 1820Liverpool, Lancashire P3229 Moss genealogy 
4 Hindley, Hugh Johnson  14 Sep 1813Liverpool, Lancashire P592 Moss genealogy 
5 Hindley, Robert  10 Sep 1810Liverpool, Lancashire P3211 Moss genealogy 
6 Hindley, Rosanna  25 Dec 1818Liverpool, Lancashire P3210 Moss genealogy 
7 Hindley, William  26 Jan 1813Liverpool, Lancashire P3208 Moss genealogy 
8 Walker, Margaret Ella  14 Apr 1872Liverpool, Lancashire P3829 Moss genealogy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ball, Andrea  20 Aug 2009Liverpool, Lancashire P3705 Moss genealogy 
2 Burns, Walter Scott  22 Jul 1964Liverpool, Lancashire P3714 Moss genealogy 
3 Charters, Lucy  25 Oct 1937Liverpool, Lancashire P1290 Moss genealogy 
4 Davies, Florrie  2 Mar 1902Liverpool, Lancashire P3712 Moss genealogy 
5 Davies, Fred  27 Nov 1901Liverpool, Lancashire P3711 Moss genealogy 
6 Davies, John  20 Nov 1955Liverpool, Lancashire P3698 Moss genealogy 
7 Davies, Lily  1934Liverpool, Lancashire P3713 Moss genealogy 
8 Davies, Lucy  10 Jun 1897Liverpool, Lancashire P3708 Moss genealogy 
9 Davies, Margaret Emily  23 Dec 1964Liverpool, Lancashire P3710 Moss genealogy 
10 Davies, William John  15 Mar 1902Liverpool, Lancashire P3709 Moss genealogy 
11 Hindley, Eleanor Edith  1889Liverpool, Lancashire P655 Moss genealogy 
12 Pontin, William Humphrey  Dec 1986Liverpool, Lancashire P3721 Moss genealogy 
13 Psycha, Zanetta Catharina  3 Feb 1917Liverpool, Lancashire P3296 Moss genealogy 
14 Shaw, Reginald  Feb 2012Liverpool, Lancashire P3694 Moss genealogy 
15 Thurtell, Charlotte  13 Jun 1861Liverpool, Lancashire P108 Sherrington 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hindley, Sarah Letitia  1881Liverpool, Lancashire P653 Moss genealogy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID   Tree 
1 Sarah, Nicholas  6 Jun 1891Liverpool, Lancashire P1611 Moss genealogy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Davies, William  1861Liverpool, Lancashire P3723 Moss genealogy 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Anderson / (Anderson)  9 May 1826Liverpool, Lancashire F1130 Moss genealogy 
2 Baker / King  27 Apr 1939Liverpool, Lancashire F1162 Moss genealogy 
3 Davies / Charters  26 Dec 1889Liverpool, Lancashire F393 Moss genealogy 


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   Family    Census    Family ID   Tree 
1 Davies / Brennand  1861Liverpool, Lancashire F1056 Moss genealogy 
2 Dyer / Evans  1911Liverpool, Lancashire F395 Moss genealogy 
3 Hindley / Mort  1881Liverpool, Lancashire F203 Moss genealogy 
4 Scott Sherrington / Wright  1911Liverpool, Lancashire F8 Sherrington 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Registration    Family ID   Tree 
1 Pontin / Davies  1939Liverpool, Lancashire F1055 Moss genealogy 
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