#   Report Name   Description 
1. Births and deaths in Australia More of our relatives have emigrated than you might expect 
2. Births and deaths in Leicester and Rutland All births and deaths in an area delimited by the tradional limits of Leicestershire and Rutland 
3. Births and deaths in Rutland All births and deaths in an area delimited by the tradional limits of Rutland 
4. Census for Fullarton and Boyd families Shows the two families in Ardrossan, Ayrshire, with an attempted emigration 
5. Census for Moss and Hensler families Shows the two families finding their way in the East End of London 
6. Census for Norman and Underwood Shows John Underwood living with Thomas and Henry Norman before setting up on his own 
7. Census for Sarah family Shows the movement of the mining families from west Cornwall to Liskeard and eventual emigration of one branch and establishment of drapers in another 
8. Census for Sibthorpes and Masters Note that Edwin died in 1858 so doesn't appear with his family after this 
9. Emigration  Shows where and when people went, in time order. 
10. Marriages in Leicester and Rutland  
11. Tremain and Drage censuses Follows their emigration to Canada 
12. Men of fighting age in World War I Those 45 or younger in 1914 and 16 or over in 1918 
13. Published wills In most cases the will or probate summary is shown on the individual's page and may be inspected by clicking on the link 
14. War records These relate mainly to the first and second world wars. Several family members were also conscientious objectors. 

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